Second hand bargain: Some great trousers

Keep your legs warm, and look great!


As the recession morphs slowly into a great depression, we are going to witness some very strange human behaviour. Former high flying business executives will take to wearing cut-off denim jackets and fighting one another with flick-knives, pompous children at boarding school will be forced to wear battered old plimsolls with their top-hat-and-tails uniform. It’s going to be a strange, frightening time. Which is why we explode with glee whenever anyone finds a bargain in a charity shop! Good friend of a friend, Robbie, nipped into his local Scope, and came out brandishing a pair of impressive trousers. “I wouldn’t normally buy slacks from a second hand shop,” he laughed, “but these ones were far too dazzling to say no too – I literally love them!” So come on, Mr Tough Guy, how much did you fork out for these amazing pant-a-loons? “£4.50!”

Excellent sticking-it-to-the-recession!

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  1. forty-forty five says:

    some truly amazing bargains can be found in charity shops. A mate of mine bought 50 pairs of odd size (36W 28L etc) Farah trousers for £50! So alright, some guys died in those slacks, but that’s nothing a 90 degree wash can’t remove…

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