Album covers analysed: Thin Lizzy, Fighting

Kids, this is what tough guys used to look like


Style and violence have always endured a strained relationship. While one demands a degree of preservation, the other insists on destroying things. Which is why it always seems so strange that Mods would spend ungodly sums on slick designer clobber, only to get wasted on blues and have a scrap. The same goes for Teddy Boys, Casuals, and most modern day football fans. Above is a record from the mid-1970s, where the fashionable young gentlemen who made up the Irish rock band Thin Lizzy show off their finest fighting outfits, whilst positioning themselves lividly in amongst the decaying brickwork and destroyed buildings, so synonymous with the time. Once a terrifying album cover. Now, just marginally scarier than The Corrs.

Enjoy an old Thin Lizzy song after the jump…

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One Response to Album covers analysed: Thin Lizzy, Fighting

  1. Slim says:

    Ah, but that album cover replaced the original cover because it was too violent and threatening! Check out the original, complete with weapons:

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