Excellent football news for fashion fans

Football by day, glamourous frock maker by night


Football and fashion have always maintained an awkward relationship. For every stylish gesture from players like Becksie, Cisse, and The Redknapp Family, you get Paul Scholes wearing a jumper from Millets, or Jamie Carragher in his training kit at a Royal Gala event. It’s totally confused, so thank goodness for the arrival of Andrei Arshavin, Arsenal’s newest signing. The word on the street is that the Russian isn’t just a fantastic football player, he’s also an absolutely excellent fashion designer, having studied frocks and cocktail dresses at university. So expect to see Wenger, Fabregas and the rest of the guys kitted out in fine silk scarves and winkle pickers before the season is out. Chelsea FC, it’s time to up your fashion game. That means you Lampsie, you JT, you Drog Drog, you The Cole Sisters, you Dexy, you Nelksie Face etc…

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