Extremely important fashion news about shoes

Women, if you know what’s good for you…


With London Fancy Dress Week only a month away, you can sense the tension in the air. What can we possibly wear on our feet to impress visiting fashion designers and their dogs? People are literally going out of their minds. Thankfully, we have a finger very much in the plug of fashion, thanks to an ongoing friendship with an expert, playfully known as Oliver – like the orphan. He told us that guys can continue oscillating between pointed jester shoes and cowboy boots, while girls should be having a serious look at an angry young fashion rebel called Nicholas Kirkwood. According to Nicholas’ “people”: “Pointedly refusing to design flat-soled shoes, Nicholas Kirkwood’s heels imbue a powerful femininity within their wearer.”

You heard it here first, ladies. Now go! Imbue some femininity!

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