Intriguing fashion news about your Granddad

All along, they’ve been hipper than a load of hippos


Looking back, can you calculate how many hours you’ve spent mocking your granddad? Ha, he’s got a hair coming from his nose! Look at that cardigan, he’s dressing like a woman! Ug, not another war story! Well, more fool you. As it turns out, old people have much to offer the world, and the whisper in all the most obscure fashion pubs is that grandfathers might just be the way forward, style wise. So, rather than sitting there with your skinny jeans hoiked up to your belly button, your lumberjack shirt flapping about your knees, laughing and pointing at an elderly gent in his pantaloons, grab a digi-cam and take a snap – he’s got the look you’re after, young pretender. Now get yourself down to M&S for a bag of vests and cardigans. Go!

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