Second hand bargain: Less than Zero

Cheap as a small bag o’ pennies


These testing financial times will soon find successful business men snacking from bins, young go-getters matching together ill fitting suits, and buses running on recycled petrol, slurped up from cracks in the tarmac. Hence, bargains have never come at a greater cost, and second hand shops have replaced Harrods as the department stores to be seen at. We thought it high time to celebrate the knock down steals you can find in these places. Today, a book.

Less Than Zero by Bret Easton Ellis was under a quid, and it’s brilliant.

[ad#Adsense Great]The story of a destructive teenage yuppie with a massive haircut wandering around LA getting wasted. It spawned a film starring Robert Downey Jnr and Andrew McCarthy, and made, for a time, names like Clay and Blair seen totally acceptable. It was a precursor to the author’s more notorious modern classic, American Psycho. Cracking, if a little depressing, stuff.

Feel free to let us know all about your recession-busting second hand bargains with a comment below.

Here’s the Less Than Zero feature film trailer…

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