When moustaches go RIGHT, No 6

Spock, Evil


He might have been a bit boring with his constant use of logic, but Mister Spock was essentially a nice guy – until he fashioned himself a dangerous moustache and goatee beard! Then he became mean, surly and probably a little bit sexually aggressive. After all, in US television between 1965 and 1988, that’s what goatee beards did to people. Made them bad.

Even so, a great look.

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2 Responses to When moustaches go RIGHT, No 6

  1. Jon Blake says:

    Leave spock alone,son, at least his middle name wasnt Tiberius, and lenny nimoy knows his real mother wasnt a sebung and his father a vulcan.that will shatner was caught in LA drunk walking in the traffic claiming ” stop, im captain kirk “Now thats LA LA LAND.

  2. mo says:

    Jack Black
    Orlando Bloom
    Ed Norton in The Italian Job (new)
    All of them should have looked way more child-threatening with a lip fringe but no.
    oh, and Kevin Webster from Corrie.

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