Album covers analysed: Amy Winehouse, Back to Black

Hmmm, a curious woman…


It’s a known fact that since vinyl morphed into CD, then CD into zany online downloads, hardly anyone can be bothered making a decent record cover. What’s the point? No one’s going to see it. Time was when artists – actual professional artists, with visions– were commissioned to create something magical. Now it’s just some bloke with a digital camera telling the pop star to look moodily into the distance. Rubbish. BUT, every so often, something will come along and very nearly raise an eyebrow, such as the above Amy Winehouse cover. A Motown inspired record, the sleeve shows her looking made up, yet bony and whithered (as is her trademark), sitting on a school chair, in front of a blackboard (RIP). As usual, some little scamps have been monkeying around, drawing pictures that have been rubbed out – see, there’s a hilarious stick man in the bottom right hand corner. And yet, the big question remains: is she playing the role of teacher? Or is she a student?

Or did a man with a digital camera just tell her to sit in a chair and look moody?

There’s a reminder of what she was like before all the junk took a hold after the jump…

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