Jermain Defoe gets all Donny Hathaway about it

Hey, haven’t we seen you somewhere before?


It’s nothing new for footballers to look to style icons in search of their vibe. Becksie famously plunders through his wife’s wardrobe to find nice sparkly frocks to make him feel special, and anyone who hasn’t seen Lampsie, JT, Drog Drog and the Cole Sisters skipping through Top Man merrily pretending that items of clothing are gymnastic ribbons obviously hasn’t ever been to Top Shop. Honestly, go on Friday – they’ll be there. Which leads us convieniently to Tottenham Hotspur’s prodigal child, Jermain Defoe. Ignoring his fellow player’s lust for silks, last night he fashioned his look on one of soul musics most beloved icons, Donny Hathaway. By which we mean that he wore a hat.

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Some classic Hathaway AND classic Defoe after the jump…

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One Response to Jermain Defoe gets all Donny Hathaway about it

  1. Rich says:

    A HAT! I can’t believe I hadn’t thought of that. Thanks, Jermain.

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