Album covers analysed: Big Pun, Capital Punishment

Heavy eater creates powerful multi-layered image…


Once again, our favourite album cover analyst, Hip Hop Sam, has been sifting through his collection to find the most alarming and interesting pieces of LP artwork. He had this to say:

“This work depicts an eerily prophetic vision of post 9-11 America, and the global collapse of the banking system. Big Pun is cupping his hands over the huge boobs of a golden model dressed as a topless Statue of Liberty . She’s holding a golden turntable and the now infamous twin towers are in the back ground. Pun is protecting her modesty by holding jewels over her nips. This represents Pun’s desire to protect America from the dark forces of capitalism, and quite possibly his need to protect womankind from male oppression.  If the observer observes REALLY closely,  it is possible to make out some of the model’s finer crotch detail.”

Nice one, Hip Hop Sam.

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3 Responses to Album covers analysed: Big Pun, Capital Punishment

  1. Dan Edmunds says:

    As B.I.G. said on Ready to Die
    “Gonna blow up like the world trade”

  2. Timmy says:

    What’s the model’s name?

  3. Gooby says:

    That woman was my old high school teacher. She also worked for the fire department at the same time she worked at our school. Some guy found this album cover on google, told everyone about it.

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