Interestment’s Top Four: US Sitcoms

This guy got to be in two of them…


Oh no, that’s right, American’s aren’t funny, with their trash cans, their silly prom outfits, their big outlandish cars, their war on terror. That’s bullcrap, man! Bullcrap. Americans are just as funny as the rest of us, sometimes even more so. Here are Interestment‘s top four US Sitcoms to prove it:

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1. Seinfeld


Not only is this the best sitcom ever, but until The Wire it was the best TV show ever too. Four brilliant characters – Jerry the everyman, George the idiot, Kramer the maniac, and Elaine the sexy ball breaker – it has set the standard for every sitcom since. Co-creator Larry David famously went on to make Curb Your Enthusiasm, in which he essentially stepped into the shoes of his vintage alter-ego, George Costanza:

2. Arrested Development


While Seinfeld managed to last for around ten years, this only scraped two and a half. Critics loved it, but it was never popular enough with the viewers. Shame, although it has left behind three excellent seasons, as well as introducing the world to some of the funniest actors around. Here’s a great compilation with a weird sensual backing track…

3. The Larry Sanders Show


Another great show from the 90s, US stand up comic Garry Shandling plays a vain talk show host – Larry Sanders. It predates Curb Your Enthusiasm and Extras as a showbiz satire that’s supposed to look real. Totally brilliant.

4. Cheers


Impossible to dislike, Cheers had it all: funny bar chat, Ted Danson, Frasier and that monotone woman, a will they/won’t they thing with Danson and Shelly Long. Admittedly, it went a bit downhill when Kirstie Alley replaced Long, and we’re not just saying that because she followed John Travolta’s lead and became a podgy Scientologist. No sir.

10 Responses to Interestment’s Top Four: US Sitcoms

  1. Al says:

    Favourite Larry Sanders episode has to be Hank’s Sex Tape. Check it.

  2. Neil says:

    Hank sex tape is the one!

    “Oh don’t worry about Hank he’s just rehearsing his Ike Turner routine”

    Josh – Where’s Married with Children?

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