Simple two step guide to… dancing

And not just any old dancing…


Some days it’s hard to know what to do with an hour off. Do you just sit there half-heartedly chewing a limp egg and cress sandwich, sporadically checking Facebook every eight-nine seconds? Or do you dust down your forgotten dancing outfit, strap on some sneaks and learn how to do something NEW? Here’s a simple two step guide to some dance moves that will obliterate your opponents at this year’s work Christmas dance off:

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Step one: Familiarize yourself with some fresh beats. We’ve chosen some new electronic music from Africa.

Step two: Watch this clip of US Clowners explaining the “stripper dance”. Copy their moves until they’re like second nature. That should take around forty-five minutes.

Now combine the electronic African track AND your new moves. You go girl/boy!

One Response to Simple two step guide to… dancing

  1. Mike says:

    Re: first image.
    I see Hoxtonites have started dressing in more muted colours.

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