The Family

Here’s the amazing team behind Interestment. If you would also like to write for the site and not get paid but have your little picture featured below along with website, Twitter, Facebook pages – basically anything else to give away your identity then get in touch and we’ll see what we can do.

  • Josh

    Josh has spent fifteen years plying his wares as a journalist, working for some big names, and some rather small ones too. He came up with this whole Interestment malarkey. Specialist subjects include: some types of music, a few films, certain television programmes.

  • Alan

    No, we haven’t acquired the services of the young Oliver Reed. This is Alan, the man that keeps the website running – he could pull the plug at any time and leave the world with a whole lot less Interestment. All things web design and technical (basically, anything we don’t understand) get directed to this guy.

  • Hannah Isherwood

    Hannah is an Actress and Stand Up comic who co-runs Interestment Presents…Get Up Stand Up – the legendary monthly comedy night. She is also the face and the questions of the Interestment Vox Pops, where she has so far learnt how to be cool and what music she should listen to.

  • Debs

    Debs loves writing: relationship nightmares and happier-life-stuff for women’s shiny magazines (like Glamour and Cosmo), fun shiz for weeklies, career chat for US websites – hell she even loves writing insulting poems in people’s birthday cards and filling in crosswords. She is proud to be a member of the Interestment brood – it gives her the chance to maybe make one person laugh per month. Optimistically.

  • Eliot

    Eliot is an authority on all matters football, and writes regularly across all media about sports betting. He punts on the basis that even a blind hen pecks the odd bit of corn, and sees himself as an example for the many but a role model for the few.

  • Hannah B

    Hannah has worked in the fashion industry for over 10 years in PR, Marketing and brand consultancy. Her job means she works closely with the media, designers, celebrities and photographers. Her favourite things are Cats, Lingerie, Dancing, Sunglasses, Cake, Lists, Fireworks, Courtney Love, Sleeping and Lego.

  • Olly

    Leading cloth expert Olly is a slightly bearded, tall chap who works for a kind of advertising agency thing, where he comes up with weird ways to make people buy stuff that they may or may not necessarily want/need. He loves Calvin & Hobbes, and hates it when he sees pigeons eating sick.

  • Richard

    Richard wears glasses to combat his lack of intelligence. He makes videos to cultivate his own mystique, and enjoys embracing the overweight.. He is a stay at home father of four and an amateur radio enthusiast. When not enthusing about radios and fathering foursomes, Richard sits in a cupboard. He is named after Brian Clough.

  • Rory

    Rory once bowled out the famous West Indian batsman Richie Richardson while playing cricket. Unfortunately he went on to make his living out of words – either writing them or editing them for whichever website or magazine feels generous enough to employ him on any given day. Whatever he’s doing though, he’d always rather be fishing.

  • Hip Hop Sam

    Hip Hop Sam has now spent the lion’s share of his life trawling through piles of vinyl in dusty, badly lit record shops, desperately trying to find rap releases that he doesn’t already own. It’s often a fruitless, thankless task. Hence he spends the rest of his time looking at trainers on the internet. Those are his areas of expertise.

  • Spencer

    Spencer still owns a Macintosh SE from 1987 and won’t let his mum throw it away. He makes banners for this website and designs stuff for Get Up Stand Up but most of the time he writes about INCREDIBLE technology for this EXCELLENT website. Although an Apple lover, Spencer is constantly searching the interestmentnet for the iPhone Killer. Spencer could fly a big plane if he had to.