Forgotten Beauties: Cleo Rocos

Published: 14th Feb, 2014

She was quite a gal, that Cleo


There was a period back in around 2009 when this site was awash with a conveyor belt of hot chicks and over time that conveyor belt has spluttered and slowed, not because there isn’t still a long queue of forgotten beauties to continue adoring, but because I didn’t want it to become that kind of place. It’s not a bar or a nightclub, you’re not in the local Ritzy. This is a place that celebrates minds and spirits and good humour above obvious beauty and flat stomachs and enormous boobs, but just as men can be physically appealing to women (and men) so can women tighten the trousers of men (or women), it’s a stark honest fact that we would be stupid to fight or ignore or overlook. It’s biology, and it’s also a fact that leads seamlessly to Cleo Rocos here who was the buxom yin to Kenny Everett’s yang in the 1980s. She had it all – mad hair, quite a posh voice, a body like a race course. She made a young version of me both joyous to be alive and also slightly frightened but in a good way. She has since gone on to star in Celebrity Big Brother, the one where it all got a bit racist by accident. Thankfully Cleo had nothing to do with the debacle.

Of course it would be an actual crime to provide a beautiful specimen for the guys without doing likewise for the girls. Below is Tom Selleck.


You’re welcome.


Josh Burt
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