Forgotten Hunks: Ted Danson

Published: 5th Feb, 2014

Hannah Isherwood remembers Ted Darn-son…


Back in the day, 11 year old me owned quite a small yet hugely diverse video collection for a girl my age. This is what I owned in list form: The Power of One (shiiit!!), Annie (classic), Santa Claus The Movie (not just for Crimbo), ET (for a good cry), Shirley Valentine (to try and understand grown up behavior), The Hand That Rocks The Cradle (???), Three Men and a Baby AND Three Men and a Little Lady (for TED DANSON). You probably just went “Hang on Hannah did you say FOR TED DANSON? Don’t you mean for Tom Selleck?” To which I say NO. I do not mean that.

Please hear me out because there is so much more to Ted than meets the eye. For example, he is the funny one, the daddy… the actual daddy of the baby in the title. Hence potent and probably very excellent in bed – I was also deeply attracted to Daddy Warbucks in Annie but for cash purposes only – plus Danson (which I like to pronounce DARN-SON) was tall, casual, laid back, he was an actor playing the role of an actor which is so complex I can barely compute it. Hardly anyone has managed to pull off such a complicated role before or since.

Plus let’s not forget that Ted Darn-son was also Sam Malone in Cheers. For most of my university days I dreamt of being Diane Chambers just so I could just hang around in a bar and flirt outrageously with Ted. So you see I did mean Ted, not Tom Selleck!

Although I really fancy Tom too… Anyway we can’t be going around chatting about hot guys the whole time without chucking a few scraps to the male readership. Below is Erika Eleniak.


You’re welcome.

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