Forgotten Hunks: Johnny Galecki

Published: 20th Jan, 2014

Hannah Isherwood remembers him well


Thanks to some strange concoction in the family gene pool, by the time I was a 10-year-old girl I’d pretty much finished puberty and had developed into a graceful 5’7″ grown woman with a mature and sophisticated eye for the older man. Hence in the early 90s my bedroom wall was awash with gorgeous hunks with leather jackets and curly hair who I’d noticed in classic TV shows like Blossom, Beverley Hills 90210, and The Wonder Years, but it was a guy from Roseanne who really stood out from the crowd – Darlene’s boyfriend David Healy, played by the SUPER-HOT and MEGA-HUNKY and SLIGHTLY-WEIRD Johnny Galecki. He was cool as a cucumber, plus funny and vulnerable. And because Darlene wasn’t all that there was definitely a good chance he would dump her and hook up with me if we ever met. Which we didn’t. Unfortunately.

Of course it would be totally out of order to go on about hot guys without chucking a little something out there for the male readership of this site. Below is Pamela Anderson.


You’re welcome.

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  1. Avatar alan says:

    He’s the dude from The Big Bang Theory isn’t he?

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