Forgotten Hunks: Jason Priestley

Published: 8th Jan, 2014

Used to live in Hannah Isherwood’s bedroom


I couldn’t really stomach a whole episode of Beverly Hills 90210 when I was a teenage girl because there was just so much else to do, like scrawl lipstick onto my face or stare longingly at guys out of the window, walking past in their dungarees and cool Fila trainers looking all hot. Anyway I also used to subscribe to Smash Hits, by which I mean I would occasionally go to a shop and buy a copy, mainly to find out whether 911 were finally being understood by the music press or, specifically, to gather more cuttings of Jason Priestley and his intense friend Luke Perry for my scrap book of eligible males I could possibly go out with one day. I particularly liked Jason for his fun sense of humour and his rebellious leather jacket, and I liked the way his hair curled a bit when there was too much moisture in the air. Still would as it goes.

Anyway, it would be unfair to post something for the girls without a little treat for the boys too. Below is Pamela Anderson.


You’re welcome.

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