Forgotten beauties: Vicki Michelle

Published: 9th Mar, 2012

Not actually French

Cookery fans might have spotted Vicki Michelle in this week’s episode of Masterchef, where the hopeful cooks were ordered to whip up some afternoon tea for a load of geriatric television stars. Notably people who used to be in borderline-racist and overtly-racist 1970s sitcoms. They all looked old and weather-beaten, shakily relocating fingerfuls of scone into their mouths without spilling too much of it on the floor. Yet, in amongst them was Vicki Michelle from “oooh Rene!” fame on ‘Allo ‘Allo, confidently throwing the stuff back without a white hair on her head, her bosoms just as wild and impressive as they always were. She’s barely aged a day since she tottered around in suspender belts pretending to be French and horny. Quite a gal.

As usual, we wouldn’t dream of featuring some rollercoaster curves for the guys, without a little something something for the ladies. Below is Chevy Chase.

Tom Selleck is away.

Josh Burt
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  1. Avatar Graham D says:

    Vicki Michelle is the most glamorous, sexy, curvaceous, British female ooh la la, I have ever seen. Does anybody know how I can get to snug her face off.

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