Forgotten beauties: Carrie Fisher

Published: 19th Apr, 2010

Imagine this, but in a shiny gold bikini

Ask anyone of a certain age about Return of the Jedi, and you might notice small beads of sweat developing on their brow as they talk you through the early scenes in Jabba the Hut’s rather grotty looking palace. They might remind you of his giggling pet monster, or the strange guard with the hilarious willy-shaped head. Or those toad-faced trolls that fall for Luke Skywalker’s rather pedestrian mind tricks. Then, eventually, and after a series of deep breaths, they will stutter a mention of Princess Leia, before their eyes totally glaze over and they are transported in mind back to a time when watching a science fiction romp caused all manner of tightening in the trousers. You mention the golden bikini. They politely leave the room, by this point sweating quite openly, with drips falling from their nose as they hurriedly scarper home. Yes indeed, that Carrie Fisher was quite a gal in her golden bikini, as she went about hurling a world of teenage nerds into a frenzy of sexual confusion. It was the same Leia from the first two films, only now she was making everyone feel clammy and unusual. Just what the hell was going on? As iconic sassiness goes, it’s up there. Unfortunately for Fisher, that was her career peak, as she went on to the odd supporting role here and there, before writing some books about drinking, and forming a highly unusual friendship with the world’s worst pop star, James Blunt.

Of course, as ever, there shall be no treat for the boys without a little something for the girls. Below is Tom Selleck.

You’re welcome.

Josh Burt
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