Forgotten beauties: Lois Chiles

Published: 20th Nov, 2009

Once a Bond girl…

Lois Chiles

It’s very rare that a Connery/Moore Bondoff is won with someone jumping to their feet and declaring “Moonraker!” to settle the row. It wasn’t 007‘s finest moment, probably made worse by the appalling decision to have the metal-toothed villain Jaws wise-cracking at the end, having not uttered a single word for at least two films. Still, being on the Roger Moore side of the fence, we’re happy to sit through a couple of preposterous hours of spaceship action, if only for the sensual beauty of Lois Chiles, who plays the part of an astronaut/scientist, revoltingly dubbed Dr Holly Goodhead. Yes, she was quite a gal, with hair as brown as a mahogany coffee table, and a body more tight and impressive than an elephant’s suitcase. She has since gone on to other acting work, but has never quite elevated herself above the Bond Girl tag. No bad thing.

As ever, we wouldn’t gift the guys a beautiful woman, without a beautiful man for the girls. Below is Tom Selleck.


You’re welcome.

Josh Burt
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