Forgotten beauties: Lisa Bonet

Published: 16th Nov, 2009

Formerly, Denise Huxtable. Now, Lilakoi Moon…


Like so many Hollywood stars, Lisa Bonet became bored of her name in the early 90s, so she changed it. She became Lilakoi Moon to her friends, whilst keeping her normal name as a stage name. It’s a move known in the trade as the “reverse Elgelbert Humperdinck”. Still, preposterous renaming aside, Bonet was one heck of a gal, with a face more sultry than a midnight smoke, and hair as rich and luxurious as The Ambassador’s favourite nightcap. We particularly enjoyed her in The Cosby Show, whilst fans of gruesome blood soaked love making will probably be more inclined to her naked turn opposite Mickey Rourke in Angel Heart – a great film. Since wowing the planet in the late 80s/early 90s, she’s returned to and then left The Cosby Show (citing “creative differences”), married and divorced Lenny Kravitz, and given birth to a child with Wolf as part of a double-barreled first name. Bonkers. These days she can be found policing it up in the US remake of Life on Mars.

As ever, we wouldn’t dream of lavishing the site’s menfolk with some exciting Lisa Bonet action, without a little something sexy for the girls. Below is Tom Selleck.

tom s

You’re welcome.

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