X Factor Outrages, and Comedy Night UPDATE!

Published: 13th Nov, 2009

Not the first time this man’s balls’d things up…


For those of you staring at the clock, hoping for the day to finish, why not let us help you through the last hour or so of the working week? We’ve been doing more bits and pieces for the wonderful grown up gossip site Hecklerspray – this week focussing on the bad X Factor decisions that Simon Cowell and his goons made, even before the whole Irish twin furore that’s stuck in the nation’s collective craw. A “craw”, by the way, being an old word that means “throat”. Hence, you can read about the outrages that stuck in our throats here.

Plus, in other great news, you can now reserve tickets for the next Interestment comedy night by emailing [email protected]. It’ll be the fourth installment of Interestment Presents… Get Up Stand Up, so as a treat/taster, here are the highlights from the first three…

Interestment Presents… Get Up Stand Up, September 4th

Interestment Presents… Get Up Stand Up, October 2nd

Interestment Presents… Get Up Stand Up, November 6th

Josh Burt
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