Forgotten beauties: Nastassja Kinski

Published: 10th Nov, 2009

A beautiful German…


A wonderful actress, Nastassja has been in some great films – Paris, Texas, Cat People, erm, probably some others. Plus, like most fine actresses, she’s been in some absolute stinkers – Terminal Velocity with Charlie Sheen springs to mind. An awful movie, that. It’s such a shame, because Charlie Sheen could have been so good. He was great in Platoon, equally good in Wall Street, and then what? Pretty much nothing, that’s what. Anyway, enough about Sheen, this is Natassja’s moment in the dazzling Interestment spotlight, where we applaud her femininity, her magnificent pouting lips, her striking eyebrows, the fact that she’s a German. Plus, over the course of her interesting film/modelling career, she has removed her outer layers many many times over. Both in actuality and metaphorically.

Of course, we wouldn’t treat the guys to a beautiful German, without selecting a random American to suit the needs of our womenfolk. Below is Tom Selleck.


You’re welcome.

Josh Burt
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