Forgotten beauties: Nichelle Nichols

Published: 4th Nov, 2009

You’re welcome, Trekkies!

Nichelle ACTUAL

Trekkies get a bit of a hard time, with their extravagant nerdiness and their computer programming jobs, but when it comes to women, they fared pretty well in the 1960s. Not only did Kirk and his goons come across some startlingly beautiful aliens during their intergalactic hijinks, but they even shared a spaceship with a wonderful looking woman called Uhura – or in real life, Nichelle Nichols. And what a gal she was, with a face as sultry as a midnight sax solo, and a body as taut and impressive as any of those on the sexy green models playing sassy space monsters. Yes sir, she was a beauty alright. Since Star Trek the TV show, she’s gone on to star in a cluster of films, and you can now find her steaming up the screen in Heroes. Fans of nakedness will be delighted to note that she once took all of her clothes off for a man with a camera.

As ever, there shan’t be any Uhura action for the boys, without a little bit of eye candy for the girls. Below is Tom Selleck.

selleck tom

You’re welcome.

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