Forgotten hunks: Dex Dexter

Published: 12th Oct, 2009

Gravel voice, ex-army. He had it all!


Dynasty Jeff was just too wet and Adam looked just too much like the Conservative candidate for Kensington and Chelsea, and so it was Dex Dexter – so sexy, they named him twice – serving  up a lady’s weekly helping of eye-pie across Britain in the late 80’s. With body hair like a barber’s shop floor on a busy Saturday and a glance that smouldered like a barbeque prepped by Bear Grylls, the ex-commando, ‘Nam veteran set pulses a-racing with the sheer Alpha-male, unquestionable hetero-ness of his screen presence. Whether he was enjoying a post-coital glass of champers with his wife Alexis in a silken robe that shamelessly displayed his enticing man-pelt, or frowning energetically like Cheryl Cole come voting time at yet another of Sable‘s evil machinations, he was the one we all begged mum to let us stay up and watch. Lovely.

As ever, it would be considered to be deeply unfair to furnish the girls with some Dex, without a little eye candy for the boys. Below is Pamela Anderson.


You’re welcome.

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