Forgotten hunks: Ralph Macchio

Published: 6th Oct, 2009

He could kick a man in the face for you…

Karate Kid

Once upon a time there was young boy called Daniel LaRusso. He had no muscles, no girl, no car and – worst of all – he came from Jersey.  Then he met an old Chinese mentor who taught him to kill flies with eating utensils, how to correctly apply Turtle Wax, and he even showed the boy how to balance on a post. But despite all this – a hunk was born. Squealing girls from as far away as Ipswich immediately re-wrote their Christmas present demands list to include a request for The Karate Kid on VHS, so that they could wear the tape wafer-thin through constant rewinds to the bit where Danny whups the bullies and gets the girl. Parents woke screaming in the night unable to get the Glory of Love out if their heads. Beautiful.

Of course, we wouldn’t lavish the girls with a kung-fu expert without throwing the boys a bone to gnaw on. Below is Pamela Anderson.


You’re welcome.

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