Forgotten hunks: Nick Kamen

Published: 30th Sep, 2009

Badly prepared for wash day…


We’ve always said that Interestment isn’t a boys only website, we also embrace the sisterhood with open arms. So, with that in mind, welcome to a new section of the site, with the first post courtesy of family member Debs

For those of us lucky enough to grow up with a washing machine in the house, laundrettes were the stuff of myth – existing only for poor people or Americans. But after the Levis ad of 1985, us girls were all sabotaging the family Hotpoint in the hope that mum would stuff our smalls into a large, tartan bag and hoik us off down the local Sudsamat – or some such. Because that’s where hot men took their clothes off! And hot Nick Kamen most assuredly was in that kind of straightforward, there’s-totally-no-question-that-he-is-anything-but-hetero type way that still existed before the mid-nineties. The pout, the hair, the casual way he dropped trou…it still has the power to make a grown woman adjust her set. And all this despite the fact he keeps his socks on!

Of course, we wouldn’t dare lavish the girls with such a delicious treat without a little something something for the boys. Below is Pamela Anderson.


You’re welcome.

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