BREAKING NEWS: Interestment Comedy on the BBC

Published: 30th Sep, 2009

Who’s this old record spinner?


The great news is that after last month’s excellent opening night, this month’sĀ Interestment Presents… Get Up Stand Up is going to be featured on the BBC London News. For those who don’t know, it’s a new comedy night in South London, featuring a nice big line up of excellent stand up comedians upstairs, and a couple of world-weary Interestment DJ’s downstairs – both dusting down their record collections after hanging up their spurs a long time ago, only to be dragged out of retirement, not quite kicking, but definitely screaming a little bit. It’s a great night. And with a bit of luck, we’ll attempt to feature the BBC report on the site next week, along with highlights from the latest installment. But for those who missed it, the first one went a little something like this…

Josh Burt
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