Forgotten beauties: Tuesday Weld

Published: 25th Sep, 2009

Named after the fourth best day of the week…

Tuesday Weld

Tuesday Weld is proof that it’s not just new kids that have completely stupid names. She’s named after one of the least enthralling weekdays. Nothing happens on a Tuesday – you’re in the early stages of the working week, you’re past Monday, but there’s still a mountain to climb. It was a bad choice. She should have been called Thursday. Thursday would have been much better. Still, no matter, because Tuesday Weld was still one heck of a model-slash-actress. She started her career in movies like Sex Kittens Go To College, then latterly put in dramatic turns in four hour epics, like Once Upon a Time in America. Yes indeed, she was one heck of a gal, with hair as feathery and fair as a peroxide chicken, and a face that could tighten a thousand trousers. She was once married to Dudley Moore.

Of course, we wouldn’t dare give the guys such a beauty, without garnishing the plate with something for the ladies. Below is Tom Selleck.

selleck tom

You’re welcome.

Josh Burt
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