Forgotten beauties: Pan’s People

Published: 22nd Sep, 2009

Whoever Pan was, he had good people…

Pans People

Way back in the olden days, before pop groups made dazzling music videos to accompany their hit records, a certain amount of spontaneous ingenuity was needed on Top of The Pops. What could they possibly do if an artist couldn’t make it onto the show? Rather than all huddle around a record player, listening along to the seven inch, biting their bottoms lips, nodding appreciatively, the masterful minds that then ran the BBC – or Auntie, as some people hilariously call it – decided to give a troupe of sexy dancers the chance to throw together some slick routines to accompany the sound. And thusly, Pan’s People were born. And what a gaggle of sensuality they proved to be, with a stark contrast of blondes and brunettes, with one occasional ginger thrown in, they were, in essence, the original Girls Aloud. Working men around the land could be found praying to Zeus, thanking him for such a marvelous blessing on a cold Thursday evening, as logs smouldered in the fireplace, and a nice stew fermented in the kitchenette. Fact.

Of course, we wouldn’t lavish the boys with Pan’s People without a little Magnum, P.I action for the girls. Below is Tom Selleck.


You’re welcome.

Josh Burt
About the author:
Josh has been a writer and journalist for the best part of twenty years and has written for modern staples like FHM and Cosmopolitan and The Daily Telegraph and The Sun. He has also written a small handful of so-so books that you can still buy.

2 Responses to Forgotten beauties: Pan’s People

  1. Avatar Spencer says:

    My A-Level business studies teacher was in Pan’s People. Incredible.

  2. Avatar Glenn Aylett says:

    Beautiful girls who just happened to be good dancers. I bet the reason why TOTP had 15 million viewers in the seventies was most of the viewers were men and teenage boys wanting to see Pan’s People. Dads who would moan about long haired girly men in glam rock bands would soon change their tune when Pan’s People appeared.

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