Happy Birthday Ken Kesey, here’s some fine acting!

Published: 17th Sep, 2009

The Bronx Warriors, 1982

Ken Kesey, for those of you who prefer not to read books, was the man who wrote One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest, which went on to become a fine film starring Jack Nicholson. He did some others too, but we haven’t read them, so really have no comment. What we do know, however, is that had Ken not died in 2001, he’s be turning a very impressive 73 today. Hence we decided to get him a gift, so we all wolfed down our medication and began discussing ideas, before it boiled down to a toss up between some wine gums, or a clip of acting so fine that Nicholson would be quaking in his boots. In the end we got him both. Happy Birthday Ken!

Josh Burt
About the author:
Josh has been a writer and journalist for the best part of twenty years and has written for modern staples like FHM and Cosmopolitan and The Daily Telegraph and The Sun. He has also written a small handful of so-so books that you can still buy.

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