Top 40 UK Number Ones, part 2

Published: 16th Sep, 2009


Musical Youth ACTUAL

And so to the second installment of our chart countdown, which features only top selling singles. The ones that smashed through the roof of the hit parade. You won’t find Pixie Lott here, sadly, because we have no idea what she/he sounds like. You will, however, be thrown into the past with some classic Beatles action. Plus Musical Youth (pictured), some melancholic folk music from Don McLean, the second greatest David Bowie single of all time, and Mark Morrison – that’s right, Mark Morrison. Often the victim of cruel jokes about being a great big lummox, let’s not forget that for a small window in 1996, he released one of the finest gangster R&B love songs ever written. Seriously, we genuinely love this record. Hence numbers 21-30 read like this…

21. The Beatles, She Loves You (1963)

22. Soft Cell, Tainted Love (1981)

23. David Bowie, Let’s Dance (1983)

24. The Jam, Going Underground (1980)

25. Gnarls Barkley, Crazy (2006)

26. Beats International, Dub Be Good To Me (1990)

27. Musical Youth, Pass The Dutchie (1982)

28. Don McLean, Vincent (1971)

29. Mark Morrison, Return of The Mack (1996)

30. Pet Shop Boys, West End Girls (1986)

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