RIP Patrick Swayze, here’s a cool t-shirt!

Published: 15th Sep, 2009

It’s a man hitting a bear

Man hits bear

Patrick Swayze – one of the greatest tough guys of them all – finally got done by the dreaded cancer, bless him. He was only 57. As, weirdly, was his father when he died prematurely of a heart attack. But what a 57 years for young Patrick. He starred in three movies that would probably make an Interestment Top 20 of All Time Point Break, The Outsiders, Dirty Dancing. Plus he enjoyed an enormous moment in the sunshine after the sexy pottery scene in Ghost. Not to mention his awesome performance in Skatetown USA. He shall be missed, hence we thought we’d get him a parting gift, so we all lined up on potters wheels and began very slowly seducing one another, whilst discussing presents, until it boiled down to a toss up between a song recital from his back catalogue, or a cool t-shirt of a man punching a bear – something Swayze in his prime would probably have done, the maniac. In the end we got him both. Rest in Peace, Patrick.  Two… three… four… She’s like the wind…

Josh Burt
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