Forgotten beauties: Jeanne Tripplehorn

Published: 1st Sep, 2009

You know – from Basic Instinct


Fans of the sex comedy, Basic Instinct, or the Tom Cruise job-goes-wrong drama, The Firm, will already be very aware of Jeanne Tripplehorn. A splendid pouty actress, her decision not to change her surname for Hollywood remains a curious one. She could conceivably have gone into the seedy world of pornographic cinema with such a curious, suggestive surname. Or, indeed, Jazz. But as it was, she became a jobbing actress, famous for her luxurious eyebrows, her lips like cushions, and her rampant two-minute sex scene with Michael Douglas, and his dimply, slightly sagging bottom. Yes sir, she was one heck of a gal. She has since gone on to date Ben Stiller for a bit, turn down the Uma Thurman role in Pulp Fiction, and feature in numerous productions that we’ve never heard of. Above is a picture plus signature.

As ever, we wouldn’t dare lavish the guys with such a wonderful looking brunette without affording the girls an equal pleasure. Below is Tom Selleck.

Tom Sell

You’re welcome.

Josh Burt
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