Happy Birthday Jack Black, here’s Gladys Knight!

Published: 28th Aug, 2009

Midnight Train to Georgia

Hollywood funny guy Jack Black turns 40 today. That’s right, 40. Jack Black is 40. Good for Jack Black. He’s another one that splits the consensus, in that he sometimes reminds us a bit of Robbie Williams (a bad thing), but then he makes movies like School of Rock, and the seriously good Nacho Libre (good things). Hence we’ve got a bit of a love-hate-love thing going on, but we thought we’d get him a gift anyway, so we all ripped our shirts off and began screaming ideas at each other during the middle of a West Ham/Millwall football match, and it wasn’t long before things got slightly out of hand. Still, by then it had boiled down to a simple toss up between half a brick to throw at a policeman, or a funny clip featuring Gladys Knight. In the end we got him both. Happy Birthday Jack Black!

Josh Burt
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