Big Brother 10: Freddie’s demise

Published: 12th Aug, 2009

Remind you of anyone?


With his little glasses and anxious face, Freddie is beginning to resemble Dustin Hoffman in Papillon, as his meltdown over Bea hit Shakespearean proportions in last night’s show. At least half of the entire hour focussed on the young hippy howling into his pillow, and if this demise continues, expect to see an extremely unwashed maniac weepingly defecating into his own hands before Davina can finally gets to sink her claws in. It’s terrifying to watch, and frankly, the in-house hippies have proved to be a massive disappointment.

Bea, in particular, is an appalling individual, and she’s becoming worse by the day. Originally an airy-fairy do-gooder who seemed whimsical and sexually liberated, she has brought her Big Brother honeymoon to an abrupt end by morphing into the most frightening kind of girlfriend imaginable. The kind that reacts to even the most simple of greetings by becoming at first flabbergasted that you dared ask how she was, before launching into an almighty tirade about how your kind questions make her feel uncomfortable and ANGRY. Hand her a cup of tea with a wink and a smile at your peril. A terrible bohemian. Just awful.

Elsewhere in the house, Sophie spends most of her time repeatedly rediscovering her enormous bosoms and cooing at how big they are. Is this a side effect of the implants? Marcus has reinvented himself as a bricklayer’s version of Jeremy Kyle. And Rodrigo has stopped smiling, which could seriously jeopardise his date with Her Majesty.

We still want Siavash to win.

Josh Burt
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