Forgotten beauties: Tyra Banks

Published: 11th Aug, 2009

She wasn’t always a TV presenter…

Tyra Banks

You might not think you’ve forgotten Tyra Banks, but, seriously, you have. Or, at least, you’ve forgotten the incarnation of Tyra Banks that’s worth remembering. Not the one who sits angrily alongside a panel of preening fashion types asking aspiring models strange questions like “where is your neck?”, or “why did you forget about your eyebrows?”, but the one who was a model herself, and spent most of the 1990s sitting around in just a bra and knicks, or sprawling on a beach in her swimming clobber. Yeah man, she was one heck of a gal, with lumps and angles so potent that gentle young homosexual men and staunch heterosexual women would find themselves considering a sudden rethink. A beautiful lady indeed.

Of course, we wouldn’t dare pull out the Banks for the boys without giving the girls a little lump of hairy sugar. Below is Tom Selleck.

selleck tom

You’re welcome.

Josh Burt
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