Big Brother 10: Peace, love and STRESS

Published: 10th Aug, 2009

Still an absolutely appalling hippy


She might have the look of a barefoot bisexual who lives in a wigwam, but Bea has been a total letdown as a hippy. When she wafted into the house a few weeks ago, Freddie looked a shoo-in for a psychedelic sexual adventure, and the inner commune appeared to be looking forward to finding out more about this blonde bohemian chick. Who, by the way, gives bohemians a very bad name too. As it is, she’s turned out to be a very nervous, stressed out human being, who reacts to one-in-two of her daily conversations by welling up and screaming about how shocked she is that someone could ask her that. She’s a massive deal on the festival circuit, she tells us, so they will have sorely missed her surly anxious vibe at this year’s Big Chill, which took place at the weekend, and featured hundreds of city boys smoking dope and pretending to listen to reggae.

Elsewhere in the house, David further proved his deep scientific intellect by explaining to a very silent garden that “you have to play with your willy to have an orgasm, it’s a known fact.” Rodrigo is convinced that he has a slight Yorkshire accent, and Charlie doesn’t like people “touching his things”. Which is terrible news for clubs in the North East.

Siavash simply has to win. Still our favourite.

Josh Burt
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