Forgotten beauties: Cybill Shepherd

Published: 5th Aug, 2009

A vixen, and no mistake


Cybill Shepherd, she was some gal. Now a slightly crazy woman, she was once the kind of sandy haired beauty with curves so outrageous that Vietnam veterans would write strange odes to her loveliness. She was, of course, the sensual beauty who caught Robert De Niro’s rather spooky eye in Taxi Driver – the tale of a cabbie on the edge. And then she went on to tighten Bruce Willis’ fashionable chinos in the lovable private dick comedy, Moonlighting. Oh yes, she was something. She has since gone on to star in things we’ve never heard of, like Once Upon a Crime, While Justice Sleeps, and the ingeniously titled Cybill.

Of course, we wouldn’t dare treat the boys to some serious Cybill Shepherd action without equally lavishing the girls. Below is Tom Selleck.


You’re welcome.

Josh Burt
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  1. A. W. Booth says:

    Hey anyone seen her in “The last picture show?” Seriously hot!

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