Picnic Essential: Pimms

Published: 3rd Aug, 2009

With added fruit and veg…


While your eyes say April, the yearly calendar still says August. That’s right, August. We’re bang in the middle of the annual British Summer. In years gone by, this would have signaled an influx of men wearing tiny little shorts, women unbuttoning slightly further on their work blouses, and children silently bawling their eyes out, attempting to communicate their dehydration to a mother who can’t stop hoovering the stairs. And yet, no more, because after years of aiming cans of Impulse directly at the Ozone Layer, August is officially late-Winter, and December is going to be the real scorcher. Should we finally succeed in melting those ice caps, it’ll be blazing hot all year round, but there’s still much work to do, and whales to kill. Of course, none of this really makes any mark on the British psyche, as we tend to enjoy sunshine activities regardless of the weather, so the next few weeks will still see parks awash with suave picnickers, happily folding cold meats into their handsome mouths, despite the fact that sheets of rain are spewing down onto their red-and-white blankets turning them maroon-grey-and-sodden. Whether we like it or not, Picnic Season – the greatest of all culinary movements – is here to stay.

Hence, we’ve flung open the Interestment Cook Book, and randomly selected the finest recipes that even a dog could understand. Today, here’s how to make the perfect Pimms, which you can enjoy regardless of the cruel wet weather sloshing down into your glass making it overflow, like a boozey water feature.

You will need:

1. A bottle of Pimms

2. A bottle of Lemonade

3. Ice

4. Chopped fruit – strawberries, oranges etc…

5. Cucumber

6. Fresh Mint

Now, throw a load of ice, fruit and chopped cucumber into a glass, then fill the glass half full with tasty Pimms, then half with sweet fizzy Lemonade. Add a few bits of chopped mint, stir the lot around, and bosh. Pimms.

Josh Burt
About the author:
Josh has been a writer and journalist for the best part of twenty years and has written for modern staples like FHM and Cosmopolitan and The Daily Telegraph and The Sun. He has also written a small handful of so-so books that you can still buy.

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