Forgotten beauties: Brooke Shields

Published: 31st Jul, 2009

Not just a pair of massive eyebrows


Anyone who followed the Michael Jackson funeral may have spotted Brooke Shields blubbering snot into a hanky. Or then again, they might not have. Truth is, we didn’t watch the thing, we were far too busy listening to Prince records. But if they did, they might have been intrigued by the statuesque brunette – once the most alluring woman on the whole planet. The time was the early 1980s, shortly after The Blue Lagoon – a sexy tropical island, shipwrecked yarn – in which the actress had her hair glued to her boobs throughout, to prevent any unwanted nipple shots. What a gal she was, with the kind of sensual star quality, and long slender thighs to attract men’s men like Michael Bolton and his namesake Jackson. She really was something. She has since gone on to become spectacularly less famous and has starred in films with names like Backstreet Dreams, Bag Boy and The Midnight Meat Train.

As ever, we wouldn’t dream of gifting the gents a sexy 1980s actress without a hunk from the same era. Below is Tom Selleck.


You’re welcome.

Josh Burt
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