Happy Birthday Harrison Ford, here’s an old interview!

Published: 13th Jul, 2009

Mark Hamill and Harrison Ford, 1980

Harrison Ford turns 66 today, which means that his best days are probably behind him. He’s already attempted to play an old Indiana Jones, which went okay, but we don’t really fancy watching a pot-bellied Han Solo trundling around space attempting to chat up sexy green lap dancers with a dribbling wookie nervously looking on. It wouldn’t be right. Even so, we thought we’d celebrate the ageing process by getting him a present, so we ordered four orange squashes, informed mummy that this was going to be a long afternoon and to keep the sandwiches coming, and got to debating. After at least thirteen minutes, it boiled down to a toss up between some Star Wars figures, or an old interview with Han and Luke. In the the end we got him both. Happy Birthday H. Ford!

Josh Burt
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