Forgotten beauties: Farrah Fawcett

Published: 25th Jun, 2009

She was one heck of a gal!


It’s been a very glum day or so for fans of the wonderful Farrah Fawcett, as she lost her ongoing battle with the dreaded cancer. What a stunner she was. Blonde, cheerful, and responsible for some of the most sensual moments of screen loveliness imaginable. Her lesbian almost-encounter with Raquel Welch in Myra Breckinridge springs to mind, as does her poster-appearance in Saturday Night Fever. And, of course, no one will ever forget her thundering around with a gun in Charlie’s Angels – a feat made all the more impressive by the astonishing tightness of her trousers. A gorgeous and fantastic gal indeed. A gone-but-not-forgotten beauty, if you will.

Of course, even on sad days we wouldn’t dream of lavishing the guys with Farrah Fawcett without reserving a little space for one of her co-stars from Myra Breckinridge. Below is Tom Selleck (who was cast as a stud).


You’re welcome.

Josh Burt
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  1. I really admire Farah Fawcett because she is very talented and at the same time very beautiful. We are going to miss her.

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