Forgotten beauties: Julie Newmar

Published: 11th May, 2009

Better than Berry or Pfeiffer…


What an excellent television programme Batman was. The tale of two young nightclub dancers zooming around town in a convertable looking for sailors to party with, it seemed so gritty, so angry, and anyone who saw the feature length version where Batman punches a shark in the nose will attest to its dramatic intensity. It was a bit like Last Exit to Brooklyn. Hence, it was always a moment of sharp relief when the Penguin took to a scene with his hilarious umbrella, but even more so when the Catwoman turned up in a skin-tight black number. By goodness, what a gal she was, played to feline perfection by Julie Newmar, a woman so tall and so curvy that her entire picture could barely fit on the page. She certainly knew how to tighten the Batsuit. She has since gone on to star in brilliant sounding films like Streetwalkin’ and Nudity Required.

As usual, we won’t be doing any Catwomaning without giving a saucer of milk to the hungry girls. Below is Tom Selleck.


You’re welcome.

Josh Burt
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