Forgotten beauties: Elize du Toit

Published: 29th Apr, 2009

She possibly did it with Tony


Sadly, when it comes to Hollyoaks, there’s a cut off point – a time when you legally have to stop watching it. If you don’t, you will be investigated, and advised that this is no longer the time for emblazoned t-shirts in the workplace, and for Christ’s sake stop laughing at those appalling WKD adverts. All of this is a massive shame, because deep down Hollyoaks is a brilliant programme, which tackles important issues like male rape, serious drug addiction, and Tony – elements that should all be introduced into Shipwrecked. Hence, we’re simply not up on the latest goings-on in Cheshire, and there’s probably a new bombshell strolling about town, tightening Tony‘s chef trousers, or stretching OB – once so kind, so thick – to the point of brutal, bloody murder. We just don’t know. What we do know is that right before we were forced to give up on such flights of fancy, Izzy was the girl making them all sweaty in The Dog, with her smooth blonde hair and gargantuan heaving bosom. What a gal she was, played by a real-life South African, called Elize du Toit. She has since gone on to grown up programmes, like The Bill and Casualty.

Of course, we can’t throw something so magnificent to the guys without a little something for the girls. Below is Tony Hutchinson.


Tom Selleck is away.

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