Happy Birthday Jessica Alba, here’s a video with balloons in it!

Published: 28th Apr, 2009

MC Zani Feels the Bubbles, with Aero

So, Jessica Alba’s 28 today. And what a life that girl’s had already. She’s been in loads of great films, like Sin City, and… some other ones. She’s already managed to have a little baby, which was… FANTASTIC FOUR! She was in Fantastic Four as well. We knew there was another one. But yes, she’s had a baby, she’s very pretty, so we thought we’d get her a gift. After a long heated discussion in a wine lodge, it boiled down to a toss up between four packs of nappies for the little one, or a viral video that we were sent about a beatboxer striding through thousands of balloons in London’s fashionable Neal’s Yard. In the end we got her both. Happy Birthday Jessica Alba!

Josh Burt
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