Forgotten beauties: Ornella Muti

Published: 15th Apr, 2009

Say buenos noches to an ITALIAN woman…


Before CGI went totally bananas, the best we could hope for in a film would be that Brian Blessed might one day dress up as a massive hawk and start screaming “DIIIIIVE” to a flock of armed man-crows. So, you can imagine the sheer glee that came from watching Flash Gordon for the first time in 1980. There he was, a big bearded sparrow with a gun. Brilliant. Yet, even Brian’s dream role was eclipsed by the work of a stunning young actress from Italy, who was playing the part of Princess Aura – daughter of Ming the Merciless, no less. What a gal she was, striding around in a shiny crimson outfit, tightening Flash’s trousers while she was at it. A remarkable woman, interpreted to perfection by Ornella Muti, the real-life princess, with her slipstream body and intense, Italian accent. She has since gone on to star in lots of films that would probably require subtitles. Hence we haven’t seen them.

As ever, the women will not go hungry while the lads dine on sensual flesh. Below is Tom Selleck.


You’re welcome.

Josh Burt
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4 Responses to Forgotten beauties: Ornella Muti

  1. Avatar olly says:

    Is that a nipple? Bloomin well looks like one to me.

    What’s happening Mr Interestment? Is this place turning into some Zoo-like Nutsy version of Loaded?

    It is a bit high up though and might just be a piece of mess on my screen, so to speak…

  2. josh josh says:

    Nice spot Olly. It is, indeed, a fraction of a woman’s nipple…. and so the long descent into becoming a porn site begins…

  3. Avatar Ben says:

    For more on Ornella Muti and other “forgotten” 70s/80s/90s beauties, visit:

    Model identification in vintage men’s magazine – we recognise your fav from the pics!

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