Intriguing news about cardboard

Published: 9th Apr, 2009

Makes for an excellent sword, they say


It’s always so nice to hear from one of the growing flock of excellent Interestment contributors, and today Debs – a keen-eyed observer of things and people – switched on her diamond microscope and pointed it at the strange games that people seem to play these days. She had this to say about cardboard…

As any ungrateful young child that you’ve just bought a hugely expensive toy for will tell you: packaging is amazing. There’s just something brilliant about jumping up and down on bubblewrap, launching oneself into large piles of empty cardboard boxes, or shrink-wrapping a colleague/cousin. Yes, packaging brings out the gently violent beast lurking in all of us, mostly without the legal repercussions. Observe then, if you will, this enlightened social sub-group, who – for fun! – beat seven shades out of each other with cardboard tubes. It’s actually a real-life sport in the States. And quite possibly more interesting than American Football. Which is the real rubbish.

Josh Burt
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