Happy Birthday Ravi Shankar, here’s Ananda Shankar!

Published: 7th Apr, 2009

Ananda Shankar, Streets of Calcutta

The excellent Indian Ravi Shankar turns 89 today, and he’s had quite a trip so far. He turned George Harrison into a pipe smoker of the highest order, and managed to sire Norah Jones while he was at it. Good for him. He is a wonderful sitar player. Hence we decided to get him a gift. We sat in an oblong and necked handfuls of psychedelic drugs to get in the mood, then discussions turned pretty weird. Orca – child of the wild stallion – blew a thought bubble insisting that Ravi needed to find the purple styrofoam road, while a whispering koala bear kept repeating the words “dental freshness” over and over again. It was an unusual night. In the end we settled on some trippy music by Ravi’s nephew, Ananda. Happy Birthday, Shankar!

Josh Burt
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