Forgotten beauties: Bo Derek

Published: 6th Apr, 2009

Nice bod, weird hair


There was a time when films became totally preposterous, forever pairing magnificent looking women with strange, Woody Allen-looking men. In the case of Woody Allen, it was often lookers like Mia Farrow or Diane Keaton. Women, you’d assume, who wouldn’t pay a miniscule nervous-talker a moment’s notice in real life. And yet, both actresses enjoyed many sensual evenings sweating between Woody Allen’s silky violet bedsheets. His body pressed against theirs. He was, it seems, a fantastic lover. As for Dudley Moore, we’re not so sure. Another pint-sized part-time musician, he managed to somehow squeeze Bo Derek into bed in the film 10. On the preposterous scale, this one hit Molten, and basically erupted – him a strange 5-foot-nothing man, her an astonishing beauty with the kind of body that whiskey-drenched poets have dedicated their lives to. She had terrific curves, eyes the size of marbles, and stupid braided hair that, in hindsight, looked rubbish. Since the film she has taken it all off for Playboy, continued to call herself Bo, and befriended a gurning maniac called George W Bush. What a gal.

As ever, there will be no sexy curves for the guys without something sexy for the girls. Below is Tom Selleck.


You’re welcome.

Josh Burt
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